SmileStone a dental technology ERP

SmileStone a dental technology ERP

What is SmileStone ERP?

  • Cloud-based online dental software that is available from anywhere, anytime, and from any device
  • Integrated business process dental management system that benefits both small and large companies

What can it do?

  • It allows you to collect, store, manage, process, and interpret data generated in each area
  • We can get a constantly updated and integrated picture of the company’s processes, which are stored in a common database
  • It also tracks organizational resources such as product database or human resources, as well as obligations such as dental order details, subcontracting orders, and payroll costs
  • Shares recorded data between departments, facilitating and accelerating the flow of information between internal and even external actors
  • Access organizational data in real time

Why is SmileStone ERP system good?

  • The use of the system makes the operation of the organization more efficient by monitoring the processes
  • Make informed decisions based on the data and information that can be extracted
  • The organization recognizes changes faster so it can respond to them sooner
  • Making internal and external collaboration simpler and more efficient

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